Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cabin for the 4th

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July.  We were able to go up to the family cabin; it had been since September the last we were up there.  Unfortunately Craig had just finished his 6th radiation treatment and was starting to not feel too great.  We were hoping to make it farther into the treatments before the side effects started, but he went into this not at the top of his game.  The pain for him comes on quite fast, so when he is feeling good, he is really feeling good - when he is not, he not.  There is not too much in between time, the past 8 months it was pretty much bad all of the time.  So basically we go like crazy when he is feeling good.

We had quite a big group up at the cabin, and not even everyone was there.  Funny how all of those little grandchildren have grown up and now are adults that take up so much room.  Craig, McKaye, and brother-in-law, Dave, had a great time singing and playing guitar.  It was good to see how much Craig was enjoying himself.

Craig’s body temperature is still really weird.  At night he sweats in bed and has a sweatshirt on during the day.  A few weeks ago Dallin had baked some cookies and the kitchen was extremely hot, it was up to 82 degrees.  I thought I was going to die and Craig was just getting comfortable.  He has started to get some “Man Cub Fuzz” all over his body.  It is so crazy, tiny light hair all over the place; it seemed to start growing over night.  His hair is starting to come in a little better, but not soon enough to look ok for the wedding, so we will keep him bald for a while longer.

We have been enjoying eating outside in the evening.  Keeping the air fresh for Craig.  The smells haven’t been bothering him very much this time.  But we did move the toilet outside to make it easier for him to get to.  Hahaha, No we are not a redneck family, we are just finally getting to the point of changing out our toilets.  The patio is our toilet holding area before the DI. 

McKaye is staying busy with her singles ward.  She has many great friends that she has met, and is hardly ever home.  Ashlyn just got back from girls camp yesterday, and had a great time.  She said it was great weather, great activities, great food, and great people to be around.  She even didn’t smell too bad when she got home.  Dallin is having a fun summer also.  He is finished up with baseball, it was a pretty rough season with all of the rain, but he had fun.  Now he is keeping busy with friends, mowing lawns, and the latest - making blow dart guns.  I told him and a friend “absolutely no aiming at each other”.  As they went out the door Craig yelled, “At least don’t tell your mother about it”.  My mouth dropped open, he said, “Don’t worry, he knows better than that”, really though, sometimes I wonder?

Wedding plans are hopefully wrapping up.  We will soon be to the point, if it doesn’t get done, it won’t happen.  But the important things are done, (I think).  Thank you to all of you that are helping out.  They say, “It takes a village to raise a child”, I’m adding also to pull off a wedding.