Thursday, August 4, 2011


I could use the excuse that the computer is down, or I’ve been out of the country, or I’ve been abducted by aliens, but really I’ve been relaxing by a pool , reading my favorite books, and being fed fresh fruit.  After I’m through eating, I’m going to walk over to the ocean and find a little cove to go snorkeling in…

Holy Cow! Wake up Marsha!

Oh! Corinne is getting married in two days; Craig is still doing chemo and radiation, and just packed up the kids to go on a family reunion river rafting.  Breathe!

OK.  No more excuses, but I have been a little distracted.  Thanks to many friends and family, the wedding will go off very well.  Yesterday I had a young lady that I met for the first time that day on the phone, come and take my dress from me to do a little alteration on for the wedding.  I had tried to do it myself and it wasn’t working.  I had come to the conclusion that no one will be looking at me at the wedding, and I could really wear a pair of overalls and be ok, but this young lady will save me, and everyone that has to look at me.  At the receptions please no comments that I would have looked just fine in the overalls.

Yesterday I took 1 toilet back to Home Depot, that wasn’t needed and now also with the help from friends have 2 new toilets in and only one, and some bead board to go.  It will wait until after the reception down here.  We have some new neighbors and Craig’s comment was, “I hope they don’t think that we are white trailer trash.”  All of our old toilets are at the side of our house waiting to be taken away.  Really the house looks pretty bad; it could be a poster for “My Big Redneck Wedding”.  You walk in our front room and there is wedding stuff everywhere and one toilet seating in my living room.  It is brand new shiny and clean, but still.  Oh! I mean BUTT STILL.  It is all coming to an end and the house will get looking normal again soon.

As I said, the kids went on a river rafting trip with the Perry’s this past weekend, and because of that, I had to give up my air mattress bed that I have been sleeping on, at the side of our bed for 8 months.  For the last 3 nights I have slept in the same bed with Craig, well at least that where I started.  He still is quite jumpy in bed.  I sure hope that it is from all of the meds and once he is off of it all, will lie still at night.  This morning we were talking about all of the abnormal things in our lives right now, looking at him was one of the big ones.  A tube going into his chest, no hair, very sore feet, skinny legs, sores in his mouth and nose, etc.  Then he started wiping his eyes.  His comment was, “these are normal sleepy seeds that are coming out of my eyes.”  We laid there and had a good laugh. 

Corinne and Ryan get married on Tuesday August 2nd.  There will be a reception in Centerville that evening at Ryan’s house and then a reception in Provo on Saturday August 6th at the Utah County Historic Court House. We hope many of you will be able to come and celebrate with us this wonderful event.

Aug. 4th at 4:45 pm.
Ok…now you can really see how crazy I am because Sunday I wrote the blog and then Craig read it, sent it back to me and then I forgot to post it. 

Corinne is now married and one of the receptions is over, one more to go, Saturday night at Utah County Historic Courthouse at 6:30 – 8:30, and then we are done! I will write about all that has gone on after that.

Love all my family and friends!