Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Craig!

Can’t believe it is March, it seems almost like yesterday it was Halloween.  I sat on the porch giving out candy, wondering what might be wrong with Craig.  At that time we were going in for the colonoscopy in a few days.  As I have said before, “time flies when you’re having fun”, or even when you’re not.

The last chemo has not gone well.  I guess we don’t know if it is really the chemo. He just has not felt well since last Thursday when we got the pump off.  Very weak, pain in his stomach, and not eating much at all.  Last night he was throwing up in the middle of the night and I didn’t even know it.  I had gone to sleep on the couch as my bed on the floor wasn’t feeling very good.  Craig called the doctor this morning and explained how he had been feeling.  They want him to go and see a GI Doctor, so Wednesday afternoon that’s where we will be. I think the thoughts of turning 50 are really getting to him and making him sick to his stomach.  His birthday is Saturday, March 5th. I told him that back in September I was making big plans for a party for this BIG birthday.  He said we might have to wait and do something big for his 80th.  For those of you that know Craig well, you know that big celebrations are not his thing.  I can’t believe what he will do to get out of a party. 

McKaye is taking her State Radiology test today for her Dental Assisting class.  She has really been working hard and is doing very well in the class.  She took a bench mark test last week and received 94 % on it. Currently she is looking for a Dentist office, and or an Orthodontist office to do a internship in. 

Ashlyn is working hard on getting homework done fast during the afternoon so that she can go driving.  She just needs 48 more hours out of 50.  I know, we haven’t been very good about getting her out driving.  We have been a little distracted, but we are working on it.

Dallin’s hair is growing very fast.  I think he is almost to the point where he doesn’t feel like he needs to wear a snow hat everywhere.  He was really amazed how cold it made him to not have any hair.  He is coming up with some very good ideas for an Eagle Scout Project, and hopefully will be starting soon. 

Corinne will find out around the end of March if she made it into the nursing program at Weber State University.  We are all keeping our fingers crossed for her.  This is her second time applying, if not maybe the 3rd time will be the charm.  She is having a lot of fun with her singles ward and the institute choir.

This morning I was getting ready for the day when I saw a bug crawling on the sheets of our bed. It totally freaked me out.  I got a tissue paper and picked it up and took it to Craig.  I made him look up bed bugs on Google to see if looked like one or not.  It really didn’t look like one but I pulled everything off of the bed and it is now in the washing machine.  I vacuumed under the bed and all around the edges.  Holy Cow, there was a lot of hair everywhere on the mattress.  I should have sent it into “Locks of Love” as a hair donation for them to make a hair piece for some man.  I use to call Craig my “Man Cub”, because he was so hairy.  Besides his new nick name of “Chemo”, I could call him my “Naked Rat”.  Not because he runs around the house naked …but…anyway, you get the idea. 

I want to wish Craig a Happy Birthday.  I hope to make a toast on Saturday, him with his Miralax cocktail, and me with a glass of water, to many more birthdays in the future.  Maybe next year’s can be more of a regular day, where he goes to work, comes home to a fun birthday cake, we go out to dinner and maybe a movie.  I think this year we will get a red box movie to watch with the kids, relax with his pink blanket that he loves, and eat a few pretzels.

Happy 50th Birthday to my Sweetheart!!!!!  


  1. Nice to hear that Craig is older than me :) Sorry he is not feeling well this week. Happy Birthday Craig!