Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break

We are at the end of another week of chemo, and again special people and experiences have been put in our path.  At the end of each day when I look back at the people and things that happen to me and our family, I again realize that we are being watched over. 

On Wednesday, a friend of McKaye’s, McKay Jones, yes his name is really Mckay, received his mission call.  Oh, to share in his excitement was amazing.  He will be serving his mission in Honduras’s.  He is so excited he cannot contain himself, and his excitement is so contagious.  We are so happy for him and glad that he came into our lives to brighten it up.  It is our privileged to know him.  They also had some fun taking silly pictures. 

We have had a few problems with toilets around our house lately, and then Friday morning I was cleaning the kitchen sink and broke the faucet.  A little frustrated I got under the sink to start the process of taking it off to go down to Home Depot and be replaced.  I really thought that everything was going really well.   Dallin was helping me and I was feeling very good that I could handle SOME of the things that go wrong around the house without the men in the neighborhood.  Craig would call out every once in a while, “How are things going”, I would reply, “Good”.   I really thought that I was almost through and then some stupid hoses just wouldn’t come apart.  It was like they had been super glued together for 22 years.  Seriously, I started thinking that I was a light weight, and couldn’t pull stupid tubes apart.  Dallin then got under the sink and tried.  NOPE they would NOT come apart.  I then thought, well if I have to take all of the tubes with me to the store, then that’s just what I will do.  So I started on the other end of the tube and was able to get it apart.  Then, just one final fitting and I would be able to leave.  NOPE! I couldn’t get it off.  Just as I was thinking that I needed a “Superman”, or “Superplummer”, my brother-in-law, Rob, showed up.  He was able to get the last connection apart.  It was a little hard for me to admit that I needed help; I wanted to accomplish it on my own, but was glad he showed up when he did, because I was starting to get VERY frustrated.  Then I was off to Home Depot.  I thought I would make it a fast trip and just get an identical faucet and get home quickly and put it on.  I would like to challenge everyone to go down to Home Depot and look at how many faucets they have hanging on their wall on isle number 36.  It looks like FAUCET HELL! sorry about the language, but it is true.  I stood there looking at all of them and really wanted to cry.  I started going down isles looking for the little men that know about plumbing things that help ladies that are about to go bonkers, and they were nowhere to be found.  It was at that point that an angel was put in my path.  Another wife looking in the plumbing isle for something that she was frustrated with, Sharon Loveless is the wife of Boyd Loveless, who Craig used to work with at Utah County.  He built his own house and can build, and fix anything.  I didn’t go to Home Depot to cry, but that is exactly what happened when I saw her.  She told me that she was going to have Boyd come over and put the new one on for me.  After I was through talking to her I was able to find an employee to get what I needed.  I also knew that Ashlyn had wanted to plant sugar snap peas so I went to get the seeds.  That’s when I ran into another friend/angel, Lori Richards.  Who knew that you could cry twice in the same day at Home Depot?  We had a good talk about everything that has been going on in our family.  She did tell me of some ways that Craig could get rid of the nausea, but you will have to ask her about that.  Lori, thank you so much for the “Pot-ted” plants.  (For those of you wondering what those plants are, tulips and other flowers in a spring pot, I know what you were thinking)  Anyway…After an hour at the store, and a couple of return visits to get the correct size hose, we have a new faucet and we will be soon working on the toilets SIT-uations a little later.

On Saturday we went up to Weber State Institute program.  Corinne has been in the choir this year, and it was a wonderful program.  Craig was not up to the trip so Dallin, “GRACIOUSLY” offered to stay home with him.  The sounds of being gone most of the day from his friends to watch his sister sing were not on the top of his list, but he did help Craig.

We just finished our spring break week, a little different from the past years.  Last year we went down to Moab and hiked our tails off, it was so much fun.  We will shoot for a better one next year.  In the past years we have had a lot of fun on spring breaks, our kids are not deprived.  Bryce Canyon, the cabin, Green River, Goblin Valley, and a cruise just to name a few.  We kept Red Box in business this year, Oh! Yes and Home Depot.


  1. Marsha, we went to Moab this year and thought about you guys a lot, especially as we hiked some of the same places as we did with you last year. The kids brought it up too. You all continue to be in our prayers. Isn't it nice to be able to see the tender mercies (angels and such) during a time like this? I hope things are going to get better for you soon. We love you!

  2. Marsha, thanks for the update. We too thought of you and your family while we were in Moab. You have "entertained" us and many ward families in many ways through the years. Thanks for your friendship and sharing. Looking forward to another Spring break trip (or any other time) in the future with you.

    Love you lots.
    Iva and Evan