Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Same Song...Different Verse

Last night Craig and I were both very much dreading going to bed, knowing what would happen today, we went for the second chemo treatment.  Two weeks ago we were nervous of the unknown.  Today we were nervous of the known.  We know what he will feel like for a while.  But we do look for the bright side and that is, the chemo is helping kick this cancer in the butt, or should I say KICK IT OUT OF THE BUTT, and everywhere else.

He has lost a little weight but for the most part is doing pretty good.  When he feels like eating I really try to pack it in, that’s when he starts rolling the eyes.  They said on this chemo that most people don’t lose all of their hair, it just thins out.  Craig has had a few mornings that there was a lot of hair on the pillow, but still doing ok on that also.  I shaved off his hair for one of the Triathlons and really didn’t like it.  But who knows, he may end up looking like very many guys we know, John, Matt, Rich, Decker, and a few others that only look like they have had some partial chemo.  We love you guys.     

During chemo the first time he had some trouble during and after the treatment.  He was having a hard time getting some words out, slurring some of them.  Today we were hopeful that it was just a fluke, but it happened again.  The Doctors started making some phone calls and doing some checking on the meds that they were using on him to see if anyone had ever had this reaction.  They couldn’t find any reason for the reaction.  Dr. Breyer said they are going to try to leave out a medicine that they have been giving him to help with stomach cramps and see if maybe that is what is giving him the reaction.  If he has the same reaction again then they will have to change to another chemo.  That would not be good news because once you start a chemo you want to go as long as possible on it until either the body can’t handle it anymore, or it has stopped working on the cancer.  Craig has had enough crazy things already so we HOPE and PRAY that next time, which will be Dec. 20, everything goes just fine.



  1. Well, if he wanted his hair to look like Matt & Rich & Decker....he coulda just SAID so. :)

  2. Marsha, I just have to say it--bald men are hot!

    And how are YOU holding up?

    Craig, keep fighting! I admire you so much.....and that happened way before all of this. There are many times you lifted my spirits, probably without knowing you did.

  3. Hey ... speaking as one who is related to one of those hair challenged men, remember that bald is SEXY!!!

  4. dead sexy... and while were on the subject i guess this is as good as any time to tell craig. kiersten has always thought u were good looking when we have talked about u in the past she says the good looking one when she is confused who is who in the bishop brick. so just remember u still have it going on.. lol hard oh good looking one..xoxoxoxo

  5. Hi Marsha and Craig

    I wasn't in your ward for very long, but of all the places we've lived and people we've met, this ward and community you are a part of is the best! We are praying for you and thinking of you daily. Marsha, ever since I ran into you at Costco I have thought about your family constantly. Hearing this news from you shocked me to the core and made me evaluate my own life and priorities. I hope you know how much you're loved and how many people are cheering for you guys. Stay strong and rely on God to get you through this day by day.

    With love
    Lauren and Roberto Castro

  6. um, I am still a little disturbed that you said he would look like Matt.