Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and my sweetheart stayed home with me to spend time just being together.  Oh…yes…he has been home with me since the first part of November.  One of these days I might even take him out to lunch if he is good.  We did have a wonderful day.  We received some Valentine cookies from a neighbor and some great cards from a few very cute cousins.  We loved all of the baseballs, footballs, and baseballs, on the cards.  Thank you to J.J, Walker, Kadyn, Justin, Tyler, Jacob, Tommy, Cohen, Chase, Grace, Carter, and all of their parents and grandparents.  We love you!

The chemo last week went well.  Craig was able to sleep off a lot of the nausea this time.  His schedule was as follows; wake up between 9:00 – 10:00 am, take a nap around 1:00 – 4:00 pm, then off to bed for the night at 10:00 pm.  I guess his body really needed it.   He has turned into quite a handsome man with all of the beauty sleep.  The chemo really does a number on his body, if he can sleep it off, more power to him. 

We were given a game from some neighbors, Villarini’s, which we played on Valentine’s night.  Hedbanz is the game and it was pretty fun.  You put a headband on the head and then insert a card with a picture on it, of which others playing can see, and then you ask questions to see if you can figure out what the card is.  “Am I larger then a loaf of bread?, am I colorful?, am I alive?”, etc.  Craig’s picture was a fire hydrate.  He processed to ask many questions of which were not helping him figure out the picture.  One of the questions was, “Does an animal use me?” I thought all of us were going to wet our pants laughing.  We all had a good time.

I have told a few of you of Craig’s weird taste buds.  His now normal drink of choice usually contains Ruby Red Grapefruit in it.  Try it sometime, either, orange juice, ginger ale, or even root beer, with grape fruit juice in it.  He likes the sweet mixed with the bitter.  It works and we don’t complain because its fluid and he drinks it.  Right now he is looking around the kitchen for something to eat and his statement was, “I really hate food”.  I wish I did, it would make my exercise plan a lot easier if I didn’t like it so much. 

The other day we watched a movie starring, Julia Roberts, called Eat, Pray, Love. (kind of close to our wristbands that we had made, LIVE-PLAY-LOVE-PRAY)  At one point during the movie one of the guys started calling Julia’s character, “Groceries.”, because she was eating a lot.  My new nickname for Craig is, “Chemo”.  “Hey Chemo, let’s go for a walk and get some sun on your head.”  Well I thought it was funny.  Now we have 3 bald men in the neighborhood, "Decker, Carter, and Chemo" 


When we went out for our walk, look at all the sun Craig got!  Not really...This is one of the colors that appear when he is going through chemo.  He also goes through, yellow, and white. 


  1. Hang in there Chemo. The red looks good on you.

  2. FYI Joe, we know he is blue on the inside!

    Marsha and Craig,

    Chris and Jodi here, we just want you to know we love and pray for you daily. Chris is even sporting one of the stylish wristbands, although I may re-think that after you linked it to a Julia Roberts movie. Of the 3 baldies in the neighborhood, I would rank them as follows:
    We love you guys! Hang in there.

    Chris & Jodi

  3. still love you guys....haven't quit yet :) even from idaho

  4. Hey everyone...I didn't mean that I liked the movie, It was just so-so. I just like the title. But I do LOVE Julia Roberts!

    Love you guys,


  5. Hey cuz, I saw uncle donald today and he told me about this site, and yes I can actually run a computer,well a phone I guess. I've been working nights on a big dozer down here by the freeway and find myself thinking about you and even praying.... I even do that too... just wanted you to know you are on my mind ... im glad to see someone with less hair than me,that's a change! Hang in there, I love ya. JT