Monday, February 7, 2011

Fluids, Fluids, we love Fluids

We are at the chemo lab getting fluids right now.  We are pumping Craig up for tomorrow when he gets his chemo.  I never knew that 2 weeks could go by so fast.  I think maybe I have said that statement before, and will probably say it again.

A few weeks ago it was time to start up the snowmobiles and let them run for a while. Craig does it during the summer to just keep them running well.  I thought since the poor things haven’t been out this year we better at least start them up.  We get all 4 of them started up and everyone in the neighborhood is looking out there windows to see who is making all of the noise.  People who don’t snowmobile think that it really stinks badly when we start them.  Others think that it is one of the best smells you can smell in the winter time.  Even our fair weathered girl, Ashlyn, said that it smelled really good outside, and that it brought back good memories.  We are still hoping that we will be able to get out this winter, but we’ll just have to see.

We lost a very good friend last week, Art Smith.  He was 84 years young and had pulmonary fibrosis.  He and his wife, Lois, have been such good friends to us and our family.  He will be missed by many.  I saw him one hot summer day with a broken down car on State Street in Orem.  I stopped to see if there was anything that I could do to help him.  He said he was fine but was really worried about his fresh fruits and vegetables that he had just bought at Costco.  He asked me to take them home to Lois and he would stay and take care of the car.  He was more worried about the fruit and veggies than himself in the heat.  For his career he worked in the grocery business.  His daughter told me that the two of them were talking one day about people who chose to be cremated. This was not something that he chose to do but she asked him if he were, where would he want his ashes spread? His answer was Costco. He loved walking around the store seeing all of the produce and meats and how they were displayed.  I guess you could compare it to Craig walking around Home Depot.

We received a card and flowers from the student officers from Timpanogos high school where our girls go to school, wishing our family all of their love and support. We have great people that live all around us who support us as well and our children. We also had a visit from Emery, Bremmen, and Eva Black.  They are just one of the great families that live in our neighborhood. It really lifted Craig’s spirits. We had a good visit with them about how school was going, an upcoming vacation they are going to take California, and how Emery thought Craig looked better with no hair. I think it reminded her of her Dad who is serving overseas in the military. Just before they were ready to leave, Emery, the 6 year old, asked me, “Do you think Craig is up for a little HUG?” So cute! We sadly had to tell her that she needed to save up all of her hugs for another time. We are still being very careful about germs. Maybe to careful but it’s not worth getting sick. Just her asking warmed our hearts.

Our anniversary was simple but good.  McKaye and I went to watch Dallin play a basketball game, and then in the evening we watched 2 movies with the kids.  I did have Craig push his chair next to the couch where I was so we could hold hands.  The kids just laughed at us.  Thank you to the person, or family that sent us a vase of flowers to help us celebrate.


  1. Our hearts are with you and your family, Craig and Marsha. Good luck on this next round...or better yet, may the Lord watch over you and bless you. Happy (belated) anniversary!

    Love, Scott and Earlene Rhien

  2. Hope all goes well with Chemo today. We'll be thinking about you! Happy belated anniversary! Love you guys! The Runnings

  3. Thinking and praying about you often! Thanks for your example.