Monday, January 31, 2011

Cancer Sucks

Just when we thought we were on the mend.  As I said in the last blog, Craig’s chemo went pretty well, on Tuesday that is.  Wednesday through Sunday didn’t go as well.  It is very hard to see him do as well as he was doing the week before chemo, and then get knocked back down.  He said yesterday, “I’m not really sure why I am feeling this way?”  My response was, “UUUMMM , do think maybe it’s because you have cancer?”  The week before chemo was great, we just need to be patience and work to get back to that point.  I try not to get too excited when he is having good days, so that it doesn’t hurt so much when he has the bad ones.  It is very much a roller coaster of emotions around here.  I guess having 3 girls was preparing me for this trial with Craig.  Trying to plan events around our family seems to be the big guessing game right now.  We have a few birthday’s and an anniversary coming up and want to do some fun things but when each day is different how do you plan for a few days or a  couple of weeks out? Sometimes it’s minute by minutes, day by day.  We thought we had week by week all figured out, but as Craig said yesterday, “I think I got cocky.”

Our sweet Ashlyn has her 16th birthday on Wednesday February 2, yes she is our ground hog, (for Elizabeth and Geroge in England, you will need to look “Ground Hog Day" up on google).  She is such a delight for us to have in our family. She is very tender and sweet to us, and everyone around her.  She adds a very special spirit to our home, and has a very special tender relationship with Craig.

It is our anniversary on February 5th, 23 years and counting.  We are going snowmobiling, and then to dinner and a movie.  Hahaha,  just joking. But we may get some take out for dinner, sit really close with Craig in his recliner pulled really close to the couch where I will sit, and hold hands, and watch TV.  We will do something really special next year.

I justs asked Craig what I should title the blog.  After a few moments he said, "Cancer Sucks".  Well it has nothing to do with the blog but its true. I really don't like that word, in fact, I don't like either of the words, but putting them both together really actually makes since.   "Craig, why don't you tell us how you really feel?"


  1. Marsha, I remember my aunt going through those good and bad days and never knowing when the good day will be. With my MIL it was all down hill. So, my point is, that if you have up days, it is all good, even if it doesn't seem like it. Keep looking forward to those up days and hopefully they will multiply!

    Our anniversary is in March, 28 years for us. We have had birthdays and anniversaries where all we do is sit by each other and hold hands. I like those celebrations the best, because it is more intimate. Enjoy the quiet time where you can just BE--be a couple, be together, be happy, be eternal. Happy Anniversary!

  2. I agree with the title! Hope you have a better week.

  3. Hey guy's! We want you to know we think about and pray for you all daily. We have been going through a lot of the same stuff. Dan's 31 year old brother was diagnosed with rectol cancer about the same time as Craig. He has been doing chemo and radiation up at Huntsman. He as had quite a few set backs i.e. blood clots in his lungs and fevers that they can't figure out. I remember feeling the same feelings about the up's and down's, good and bad day's when my dad had lukemia and Craid is right cancer sucks! Know we are here for you all whenever you need us! we love you! The Kerby's

  4. Happy Birthday Ashlyn!!! 23 years of marriage I can't believe it. So cool. I love the part about sitting on the couch and holding hands. Those are the moments. Love you guys!!!