Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's ok to Dream

Hello, do you ever wish you were saying “ALOHA”?  If I can’t go snowmobiling I want to go to Hawaii and sit on the beach, feeling the sand between my toes, watching the waves crash in, smelling the air, and going snorkeling.

Anyway…now that I have that out of my system, Craig has been doing pretty well.  Amazing what a week off of chemo, and a week in the hospital can do for him. The last chemo has gone pretty well.  Food is still a big issue, fluids have gone much better, but Craig is just not a drinker, so he is doing ok for him.  We are going to go in on Friday and get some more fluids before the weekend and then chemo again on Tuesday.  I hope the next one goes as well as this past one did. 

Yesterday he went for a walk with me.  It was nice and sunny and I was hoping for him to get a little sun on his head.  NOT!  It’s funny how cold you get with no hair and down 25 lbs.  He did really well, with his winter coat and snow hat.  Our cul-de-sac is pretty small but it was still a very long walk for him.  I’m not good with distances but I would think it is about 400 yards around the circle.  About 150 yards into it, (for those of you that know our neighborhood, it was in front of Malone’s house), Craig said, “Ohhh I think I’m starting to get a cramp in my calf. This statement coming from a guy that 4 months ago yesterday, ran a marathon. I smiled to myself; I wanted to cry, but kept the smile.  He is on the phone with a co-worker, right now and apparently the guy was asking him how he is doing, Craig’s response was, “I’m doing great”, the guy said, “what a champ”.  Craig’s response was, “Well somewhere between a Champ and a Chump”. Yes, keeping a good since of humor is vital right now.  One minute we are laughing and the next minute we are crying. 

I mentioned that Craig has lost a lot of weight, last week when we were at chemo; I noticed that his shirt sleeves were short.  Everything else fit very well but those darn sleeves.  I looked at the tag to see the size and it was Dallin’s shirt.  Pretty sad when your husband can wear your son’s shirt that is 5’11’’ and 110 lbs, dripping wet, and it still looks pretty good. 

Craig made it to the first hour of church on Sunday. It took him all morning to get ready.  Eat, take a nap.  Shower, take a nap.  Get dressed, take a nap.  Then when I brought him home he had another nap.  It looked good to see him up there with the Bishop and other counselor.  He wore a mask for germs and had a pillow and blanket.  Most men dream of going to church with a pillow and blanket.  There were a few comments about his lack of hair.  Decker said for me to tell him he thought he looked very sexy.  Suzette Carter mentioned that, unlike Matt’s, at least Craig knows that his will grow back.    

The kids are doing well.  Corinne is back in school at Weber and is enjoying her new job.  McKaye is working hard to finish up High School and applying to colleges.  Ashlyn is enjoying High School and is ready to turn 16 soon. Dallin has just started his 2nd semester in 7th grade and playing basketball on a bantam team.  He really needs to figure out an eagle project and start working on in.  I think they are doing very well under the circumstances.  We have great church leaders, friends, and extended family, which also help keep an eye on them.

I am continuing to cut hair and do photography, just a little smaller window.  I know how important it is to continue on with as much as possible with “NORMAL LIFE”, again we are very aware that we are anything but NORMAL, just look at who are friends are. Ha, ha, ha, love you all. 


  1. Marsha, your comment about Craig doing a marathon and then now barely being able to get to the Malone's got to me. My dad has done marathons for the past 9 or so years. He is the one that trained Kade to do the St George marathon a few years ago. This past year he went from doing those marathons, to barely being able to make it to the end of the block. His isn't cancer, but a back injury. It is tough to watch these amazing athletes go from one extreme to the other. I hope Craig has some days where he can rebuild that strength. Again, thanks for sharing this with us all. I know it can be such a difficult time-keep being the strong woman you are! Shauna

  2. We had no idea. We send our love and prayers to one of the greatest families we have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    Newton (kenny and bobbie)

  3. Marsha I cannot believe how big the kids are getting you said Ashlyn was getting ready to turn 16 and I about died CraZY that is so wierd for me I love you all and am so thankful for the blog to stay updated tell craig hello and we are praying for him! Oh and thank you so much for taking such awesome pictures of my wedding day 5 years ago ahh crazy huh?

  4. Marsha and Craig, I have been thinking the same thing about being in the warm sun in Hawaii. I love that you too would love to just SIT and RELAX on the beach. I am ready to go back, let's pack our bags. Craig I am happy that you are feeling better right now. I think with your lack of hair you look like Mike (for his 40th many many years ago Dave made a t-shirt with Mike bald) that is who you look like. If you were to put on a earring you would look like Howie Mandell. Hopefully getting the fluids will help with the next set of treatments. Love ya, Lisa

  5. Congrats on McKaye's scholarship. That's terrific.

  6. Marsha I have been praying for your family. I hope Craig keeps doing better. He sound like he is a Great man with a lot of heart.
    You boy that is working on his Eagles project. He should see if he could make lap quilts for the place were goes for his chemo. Or hats for them to give to people as they lose there hair.
    I am praying for you and your family. May God watch over you all.