Friday, May 6, 2011

Jr. Prom

Making good use of my time at the chemo clinic today, Craig is getting 2 liters of fluids and the good old nausea medicine, hoping it helps.  This time with chemo, 6-A, one week ago, kind of kicked his butt.  I guess we were on to much of a high from Corinne’s engagement.  Maybe we got a little cocky and needed to get humbled a little.  The weekend was rough; the feeding tube came out again.  Monday afternoon we were back at the hospital getting it put back in for the 3rd time.  It’s pretty easy to tell for him when it’s out; he gets a lot of pain in his stomach.  I asked them to put a sinker weight that you would use fishing on the end of the tube to add weight to keep it down.  You would think that there could be something to help keep it in place better than it has.  We asked for a permanent tube in his stomach, but because of the chemo and risk of infection they won’t do surgery.  I should have looked into the magic 8 ball and got a tube put in before we started chemo, my BAD!

The kids are getting a little antsy for school to end.  McKaye is very antsy; she was ready for school to be over in September.  It’s hard to believe that it is almost over.  I worked at Northridge Elementary for seven years, I miss being there with all of those great teachers and amazing children.  I was at the store the other day and a little boy walked up to me and said, “I know you from my school”, I was so happy that he remembered me it made me feel so good.  His next comment made me laugh, “You’re the lady in the office that gives us band aids, your Mrs. Killpack!”

A friend of mine gave me the idea of putting air purifiers in the family room and kitchen, to help with the smells from cooking.  You can usually find Craig with a blanket over his nose anytime there is a smell in the house, and that is before anyone else in the house can smell it.  I have told the neighbors that when they see the doors and windows open at our house, they will know that I am cooking, even a piece of toast can set him off.  So hopefully the next purchase will be two purifiers.

On Saturday we woke up to about 5 inches of snow, crazy Utah weather.  It was a very busy day, Ashlyn and I spent the morning at home depot buying 2 toilets, paint, and multiple light fixers for both inside and outside.  Later I was rear ended on State Street in the Elantra, and McKaye and Ashlyn went to Timpanogos’s Jr. Prom.  It feels like much more happened but I can’t think of it right now, but it was a busy day.

 On Monday night our neighbors the Jensen’s, came over and gave us some raspberry starts and helped us plant them.  Next year will be a tasty one.  Before they left the kids asked if they could see Craig.  I went and got him and he stood out on the front porch and talked to them.  Kids are always so excited to see him.  They talked to him for a little while and then the 3 year old walked up to him smiling and laughing and said, “You don’t have any hair!”  She has seen him before many times but that is what popped into her mind at that moment.   Kids just make me smile, they say whatever is in their heads, and you can always count on them to tell you the truth.  Craig has received many cards and gifts from many children around the neighborhood, they really love him and he loves them.

Craig’s next chemo is May 11, that will be 6-B.  On this chemo they usually go through 8-B, which would be 8 months every two weeks.  After 6-B, we will be doing another body scan up at Huntsman in Salt Lake City.  They will determine whether the chemo is doing well enough to continue longer or to change to a different kind.  It is ultimately our decision but that’s why we try to pick good Doctors and let them give us good advice.  We are kind of hoping for a little break to get strong for the wedding August 2, but we will just have to see what they recommend.

Corinne and Ryan will be getting married in the Salt Lake Temple on August 2, 2011.  We will be having a reception in Centerville that evening where Ryan is from, and then on August 6th in Orem.  They both will be returning to Weber State College in the fall to continue their education and hopefully be in an apartment somewhere near the college.    

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  1. Keep fighting! I know this is tough for the whole family, but what an inspiration you all are. Thanks for being such a great example of faith.