Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything!

Hello…Sorry it has been so long since the last post but I’ve been a little preoccupied.  Chemo, wedding plans, and my Mom and Dad.   I will highlight a few of the things that have been going on.  

On May 12 my Mom finally allowed myself and my brothers to check her into a rehab center.  It was very much needed and we are grateful she is there.  She decided to have my Dad be checked in as well, they are sharing a room.  My Mom has struggled with a small drinking problem for quite a while, and Dad has had similar problems, plus a few extra problems with some addictions to pills, which he claims are for hips, back , and Parkinson’s, but we kids know better than that.  We are just glad that they are finally getting the help that they need. 

OK! RELAX!  I don’t want to start bad rumors at the family reunions, cousin’s lunches, or condo’s.  Mom had a knee replacement on May 9th, she was released from the hospital on May 12 and we checked her into a rehab center, that is true, but it is to recover and receive therapy on her knee.  She really has to help my Dad a lot with daily activities so my Dad is her roommate, thanks to Wyatt Cloward, my cousin, who works at Stonehenge.  My Mom’s recovery is coming along very well.  She is a good patient and is really pushing hard with therapy.  Everyone she talks to tells her “if physical therapy hurts, it’s doing its job”.  My brothers each took a day to come down and help my Dad while my Mom was in the hospital, which was a big help to him and a relief to her.    

Craig didn’t have chemo on May 11 because his body just wasn’t strong enough.  We made the decision to wait until Monday the 16th and give his body a few more days to rebuild.  It was a great decision.  He was able to feel better, and get stronger, each day. 

 Wednesday, Ashlyn competed in Timpanogos High School Region track meet.  She has been competing in the 400 and 800 this year.  It is her first time running in track and she is enjoying herself.  Just one week before region the pole vaulting coach ask her to come and try jumping.  She said it was really fun and is going to give it a try again next year.  

We are continuing to work on the wedding plans.  The other day I told Dallin that I was leaving to go and do some shopping for dresses, he said that he thought we had done that the last time we were out shopping.  Yes we did and will continue to shop for dresses until we find the right ones.  He just doesn’t get it that we didn’t buy the first ones that we saw.  I so wish that were the situation.  Saturday, Corinne and I were able to find a wedding dress.  It is an amazing site to see your daughter in a wedding dress.  She has tried on many dresses in the past few weeks, but when she put this final dress on, she didn’t want to try on any others, she knew it was the one.  Now the real work begins, finding a dress for me!  Thank you to all who have offered there help and are helping to lighten my load during this time.

Sunday we had Stake Conference, which McKaye was asked to speak at, and Craig was able to attend.  A friend took our patio reclining chair and set it up at the meeting.  I was hoping it would be at the side, or somewhere that we didn’t stand out so much.  No! It was in the very front row right in front of McKaye.  I am more of a person that likes to sit in the back or somewhere out of the way, but it turned out just fine.   I think all the men were jealous of him because he sat in recliner so that he could make it through the meeting.   It was a great day, and McKaye did a great job on her talk.  Many people told us what a wonderful job she did, we are very proud of her.  One of our sweet little neighbors, Karina Garner, also spoke.  She is only 10 years old and she acted as if she were an adult speaking and the way she conducted herself.  Her parents are great people and are raising a wonderful young girl.

Monday we had chemo, 6-b.  Today we get the pump off that continues to give him more chemo for 46 hours.  On May 25, up at Huntsman, we will have another body scan.  We are praying for good news, but either way we will continue on with the fight.  Many people have told us how they look up to us for how well we are doing facing this challenge.  We do have our days when we are very discouraged and feel sorry for ourselves.  We know that is normal, but the important thing is that we pick ourselves back up and continue the battle.  Thank you to our family and friends, and even workers at Home Depot for helping us, we will hopefully come out on top.


  1. Marsha, I am so gullible! I fell for it and was feeling so bad for you with your moms "problems". Having been through it a bit with various family members, I was just thinking, "what more can she take". While recovering from knee surgery is hard, I am glad you are not dealing with the "other". I am hoping for the best for Craig and your family. I bet Corrine looked absolutely beautiful in her dress. You have wonderful kids.

  2. We want to help out with the wedding! Let us know what we can do to help! Give me a call at 801-636-6906.

    Melissa Myler

  3. McKaye did do an excellent job in stake conference. I was quite impressed! I'm sorry I didn't even see Craig. I'm glad he was able to see her, though.