Monday, November 29, 2010

Rolling Eyes are Never Good!

Hello everyone, I’m not sure how often I should or can write but it has been on my mind a lot today.  Craig’s worst day was Friday.  It was just plain awful, but each day he has continued to feel a little better.  The Bishopric had there Sunday morning meetings at our house and after a nap, Craig felt like he could go to church.  The plan was to get there just before sacrament meeting started, shake no one’s hand and then leave before anyone else.  McKaye leaned over to me before the opening song was over and said, “There is no way that Dad is going to make it through this meeting”.  We looked up and could see it on his face.  The church chairs are not his lazy boy or bed, and that is where he is best.  The fine young men in our ward finished passing the sacrament and Craig gave me the sign to take him home. He picked up his cute dog pillow, and blanket and we were on our way. He had the best of intentions but it didn’t work.

Today he is eating better, many things still make him roll his eyes at me, but that is nothing new.  For those of you that know me, realize that many things that I do and say make Craig roll his eyes.  It is food that is making him roll his eyes this time.  He said today, “I hope I haven’t ruined Thanksgiving dinners,” I thought, how sweet of you to thinking of others during this time.  Thinking he meant how bad everyone felt because he hadn’t been with us.  He said, “I ate a piece of turkey this morning and it still doesn’t taste good”.  So now all I can think about is next Thanksgiving, what will our lives be like then?  Hopefully going to the park for a little neighborhood football game, eating dinner to the point of throwing up just because we indulged ourselves too much, and then playing a little basketball, and being with family. 

He is working from home today and really has been able to do a lot. He is lying in the lazy boy with a pillow on his lap, with a cutting board on the pillow, and then his lap top on the cutting board, it works.  The company he works for, Nutraceutical, in Park City, is amazing.  The love and support they have given to him is great. He is hoping that he will continue to feel better each day this week and maybe go into work a few days this week, but one day at a time.

Thank you for the continued love and support from everyone.  The phone calls, notes, snow removal, hugs, love, prayers, and comments on the blog are all greatly appreciated.  As I talked too many, I continue to hear of other people that are in need of special prayers at this time.  We continue to remember others in our prayers, weather big or small in needs, we are all equal and need special thoughts and prayers directed our way.        



  1. You said you didn't know how often to write - it is really up to you. Some people post daily, some weekly, some once a year (though I don't think you can get away with once a year). I hope the rest of the week went better for Craig, and for all of you. Best wishes.

  2. Craig;
    WE were so sorry to hear of your problems. We have enjoyed having your folks in the ward the last couple of years and have frequently been updated on your situation. We want you to know we are aware of your need for the Lord's blessings and are praying for your recovery. It's so ironic that this would hit at this time in your live and particularly given you fitness emphasis. Here I have been running for 30 years, thinking it makes a difference and maybe/maybe not. If you get up to your folks over the holiday, let us know, as we'd love to get acquainted with your family. Our prayers are with you.

  3. well well not a lot of words just lots and lots of hugs and kisses we love you both xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo

  4. We are so glad you are writing this blog. We are so sorry this is happening to you, Craig, and to your family. You bring strength to our family through your testimony and strength in the gospel. We are not ones to comment a lot, but know you are all in our daily thoughts and prayers.